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Bottle Price $89.99
Year 2014
Size 750ML
Color Red
Varietal Pinot Noir
Country France

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Product Code: 3104158_PI


The Holy Grail of Wine

We had opened truly great wine from all over the world and last we opened a great bottle of red Burgundy that simply was head and shoulders above all others. The wine we opened is the wine I am offering you today. The discussion/argument was why more wine lovers don’t get into Burgundy and why they don’t get into Burgundy. The bottom line is that it confuses people. The same last family name could be on many different bottling some good some bad. Many wines are made by different producers from the same town, single vineyards and even Grand Cru and quality differs greatly which again is totally true. The wines are made in tiny quantity and there are lots of tiny amounts of wine again some good some bad. People don’t like Burgundy because they can’t wrap their arms around it like they can other wine regions. If you buy Brunello you name the name of the Winery and you know they make great wine.

I understand your concerns and your frustrations but I must tell you that the greatest wine experiences I have ever had are great bottles of red Burgundy. I have been visiting, buying, studying and enjoying these great wines for the last twenty five years. I am going to ask you to take a leap of faith. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have done the homework and if you love Pinot Noir, the greatest Pinot Noir money can buy, I want you to trust me, my palate and my no-how and start getting into red Burgundy. I will guide you to only great wines.

The wine that was simply head and shoulders above all others that we tasted is the 2014 Domaine des Varoilles Gevrey Chambertin Premier Cru Les Champonnet. Now let’s break down this wine. The Wineries name is “Varoilles”. “Domaine” is a synonym for Winery or Estate or Chateau. The wine comes from the appellation of “Gevrey Chambertin” in the “Cote de Nuit”. Cote de Nuit would be the same as Napa and Gevrey Chambertin would be like the Stags Leap District in Napa. “Cru” is the same as single vineyard and this wines comes from a single vineyard called Champonnet. Now the grape is Pinot Noir and it’s the most mind-blowing Pinot noir there is. I have vetted the wine and I want you all to try some. Your wine experience is not complete with trying great red Burgundy. This wine does not break the bank but it has it all. Go with me it’s time!

Swiss businessman Gilbert Hammel purchased the 10ha Domaine des Varoilles in 1990 and is responsible for re-establishing the Domaine’s claim to greatness. Allen Meadows writes in his publication The Burghound: “[Hammel] has rededicated himself to producing the best wines that his terroirs are capable of producing and it shows.”

Domaine des Varoilles farms just .70ha in Les Champonnet, Its parcel neighbors Grand Cru Mazis-Chambertin and yields in the 2014 Vintage were well down (27hl/ha) and the resulting wine exhibits a superb balance. We are lucky to have the wine to offer.

A spectacular bouquet offers up a solidly well-layered array of pure and fresh red berries, cassis and plenty of earth influence. There is a hint of minerality to the energetic medium weight flavors that also exhibit a hint of salinity on the clean and balanced finish where the oak pushes through.

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