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Marley Pinot Noir 2010 Carneros; CA Reg $36.99 Bttl $32.99 Cs Bttl $29.99


I have been in the wine business my entire professional life and I have forged relationships with the finest winemakers and vineyard owners and wineries pretty much in the world. Every so often one of these relationships throws of a nugget, gives us access to some truly remarkable wines at a great price and these wines go into our Marley Label. These wines are by far our biggest sellers and offer incredible bang for your buck, have no equal when it comes to value. Many of you will have noticed that we have not had any red wine to offer recently under the Marley Label and the reason is we have not been able to find the quality to match the integrity of the Marley Range. We will never simply bottle wine under Marley because we know we can sell it. That is not what Grapes is about. The Quality and the value proposition has be spectacular.

We are able to get these great values because when a top producer makes too much wine or has too much wine, instead of over supplying the market place with the particular wine hurting the wines exclusivity, the price of the wine, they sell of the excess wine to someone like ourselves keeping it out of the marketplace and we sell it direct to our customers. We are able to offer you Cult wines that are hundred dollars plus a bottle and sometimes far more for pennies on the dollar. You get serious quality, as good as in this case California has to offer, at a great price. These wines are no-brainers, they have proven themselves, our customers absolutely love them and I strongly recommend.

We have just received the 2010 Marley Pinot Noir for you. The wine is made by one of the greatest winemakers in California today, is a single vineyard wine made from the one of the greatest vineyards in California. The wine spends 20 months in small French oak, un-fined and un-filtered, cap is punched down twice a day just like the greatest red Burgundy. This is insane Pinot Noir, gloriously rich, marvelously supple in the mouth, just cashmere, the finish is spectacularly long, over 40 seconds, the wine opens up with time and soars to new heights developing great complexity and intricacy. The wines make-up and profile are the same as some of the greatest Pinot Noirs I have ever had, from both California and Burgundy. Awesome richness that you only get from the very best producers and vineyards. This wine is a steal and to kick it off we are offering Free Shipping On A Case

The wine is deep and powerful and sensual. It boasts fabulous depth and concentration, fleshy red fruits, smooth cashmere palate. This Pinot is loaded with class and pedigree. The flavors build effortlessly to the rich, textured finish. This wine is a wow at the price. Glorious length, will cellar superbly and shows the heights that California has now achieved, rivaling the world's best.

This hand-picked wine is ready to ship. To see other personal wine recommendations we are offering customers CLICK HERE Each wine has been carefully selected to recommend. You might want to mix and match. Need help? Call 1 800 434 9463 (WINE) and ask for your Wine Advisor, Ty. My job is to learn your palate. Please tell me what you are looking for, i.e., specific grapes, countries, and/or price points. Weguarantee all wines we recommend, you never get stuck with wine you do not enjoy. Simply let us know if you are not happy and we will pick up the wine at our cost and put you into something else. I will also always match a legitimate price. We stand behind our customers 100%.