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Los Alamos Valley is just off the 101 freeway between the Santa Maria Valley and Santa Ynez Valley appellations of Santa Barbara County, California. The area within the valley has a temperate climate all its own - ten degrees cooler than Santa Ynez Valley to the south; and ten degrees warmer than Santa Maria Valley to the north-east. In like manner to those two regions, Los Alamos Valley also grows thousands of acres of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, as well as smaller experimental acres of Italian varieties. But since Los Alamos Valley is not an official appellation, you won't see it on a wine label, rather the Santa Barbara County designation is used.

This unique valley experiences tremendous temperature swings of warm days and very cold nights, which enables the grapes produced from this region to achieve incredible concentration and balance. In addition, its well-drained soils plus a wide range of micro-climates allow for a diversity of red and white varietals.

The Los Alamos Vineyard, itself, dates back to the early days of Santa Barbara viniculture. Originally planted in 1974, it was one of the first four vineyards in the County. The others include Bien Nacido, Sierra Madre, and Firestone . Only adding to its lore, Los Alamos Vineyard was the birthplace of Au Bon Climat winery midst a humble dairy barn in 1982. Today, the vineyard grows Chardonnay that is by far the most exciting!

The section of Chardonnay for the High Note Cellars production is found at the top of the vineyard on a western facing slope.

The soil on this exposed face is truly amazing. It has a combination of calcaric shale, sand, clay and loam with a vein of lime at 2.5 feet below the surface.

“The wines from this site are typically full of citrus and bright stone fruit. The lime in the soil gives the wine a solid mineral backbone. Los Alamos’ terroir allows the fruit to reach full ripeness with balanced acid and sugar levels. Vintage after vintage, I am constantly amazed by the elegance of this site and its ability to produce great California Chardonnay.” – Matt Kramer / Wine Spectator

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