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Tuscan 2010 Tuscany Is a Buy Vintage

Limited Offer on Great Super Tuscan

Made by Sassicaia’s Wine Maker

The great Sassicaia is considered by many to be the greatest red wine made in Italy today and is definitely the most collected Italian red wine in the world. The wine sells for $150 to $500 a bottle depending on vintage. Yesterday I tasted a spectacular Super Tuscan from the coastal part of Tuscany called the Maremma which is where Sassicaia comes from and many of the other great Super Tuscans, including Ornellaia, Tua Rita and Le Macchiole. The wine the 2010 Fattoria di Maglaino Poggio Bestiale is truly exceptional and after some investigating discovered that the winemaker is none other than Graziana Grassini who took over winemaking duties at Sassicaia with the 2007 vintage. This wine a blend of Bordeaux grapes is as good as the others at a fraction of the price. The 2010 vintage for Tuscany could be Tuscany best vintage yet. The pundits have spoken, from Parker to Spectator, to their disciples Galloni and Suckling the praise is huge. "In my view, 2010 will go down as one of the great all-time vintages in Tuscany.”

“Fattoria di Magliano has long been one of my favorite estates in the southern part of Maremma.“ – Antonio Galloni, Italian Wine Critic (June 2012).

Only 20 years ago, this region along the Mediterranean coast had little to offer tourists beyond the unspoiled natural beauty that earned it the reputation as Tuscany's "wild frontier." But today, the Maremma is flourishing with great restaurants, fine hotels, and a treasure trove of young wineries much the same as Fattoria di Magliano.

The excellent soils and the favorable climate make this particular area a prime zone to produce top-scoring Italian red wines. Maremma wines are the “Super Tuscans”, the new-age wines that emerged during the region’s rebirth. The Super Tuscan movement began in the early 1940s, when Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta moved to Bolgheri. In the interest of making wines for private consumption, he imported Cabernet Sauvignon vines from Bordeaux’s Chateau Lafite and established a little vineyard called Tenuta San Guido. While very rustic at first, he began to develop his wines into what evolved into Sassicaia, what many say is the epitome of the Super Tuscans.

Coupled with Fattoria Magliano winery is oenologist, Graziana Grassini, who, guess what – makes Sassicaia! Born and raised in a medieval town located along the Tuscan coast, Graziana was told that being from the seashore and a woman, she couldn’t possibly know anything about wine. But those words never deterred her from pursuing a career with which she felt an affinity for.
Her passion for work and wine is what motivates her. “To see the creation of a wine through

to the end is like falling in love,” she says.

After a 10 year education in chemical sciences, it was not easy to disengage from the scientific and rely on the senses to create a wine; however, Graziana quickly realized the necessity. A wine must be created in the vineyard, the only contribution a lab can have is to perfect any minor flaws.

In addition to running two wine labs in Tuscany authorized by the Italian Ministry of Political Agriculture for certification of wines destined for export, Graziana has been a consultant for renown wineries throughout Ita

ly like Tenuta San Guido (Sassicaia), Tenuta Canneta, and Castello del Terriccio.
Today, many women are at the forefront of the winemaking world and Graziana has certainly contributed to this revolution.

Accordingly labeled “Super Tuscan”, the Poggio Bestiale (“beastly”) wine is able to fall outside of the guidelines of most typical Tuscan reds which are primarily made with the local Sangiovese grape. On the contrary, the wine is composed of the French Bordeaux grapes Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot, blended together to 40/30/25/5 percentages respectively. Alongside Graziana is consultant Roberto Da Valle (pictured), who works in the 1,500 square meter cellar supervising over this Italian masterpiece. The vinification and barrel-rooms are underground where the wine was fermented, fined, and aged in oak for 14-18 months in 225-liter barrels, only to be later transferred to bottle for an additional 6 months aging time.


“A heady array of smoke, tar, scorched earth, rosemary and wild cherries emerges as the Poggio Bestiale makes its first impression. An exotic core of black fruit follows, struggling to emerge from a wall of powerful tannins. There is a hypnotic quality to the wine that is hard to fully capture. A last blast of dark fruit informs the powerful, brooding finish. Today the oak is a bit overwhelming but all that is needed is another few years in the cellar. This is another fine effort from Fattoria di Magliano.” - James Suckling, International Wine Critic

“Intense, bold aromas of cherry and raspberry abound. Full-bodied and persistent with smoky, spicy, and earthy flavors. Ripe, sweet tannins and ample acidity finish off this wine.”

– Graziana Grassini, Winemaker