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This Is Just One Of Those Wines
Head and Shoulders Above The Rest

I taste a lot of wine looking for wines to offer my customers, hunting down, comparing and discarding and once in a while I taste a wine that simply blows my doors off for what it is. When I called customers to offer wine I call them simply, “one of those wines” and customers knew that had to go with me. Well I am telling you now the 2011 Cantina Frentana Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Organic) is one of those wines! Marvelously rich, a spectacular bouquet of rich black fruits, balsamic and oak, a palate that is again richly concentrated but totally supple like silk and the wines best part is its finish. The wine simply melts in your mouth on the finish, like a great piece of Toro Sushi. This wine is just on another plain at the price. Grab some while you can. You will be talking about how good this wine and I want you to email me some feedback. This is the organic bottling! Not the regular.

90pts Gambero Rosso Italian Wine Review 2013!

Central and southern Italy are hotbeds for diversity, quality and value.”Nathan Wesley/Wine Spectator (July 2013).

You can get a lot of good quality wine for the money from Abruzzi.”James Suckling

This area has been home to vineyards and wine making since before Roman times, and Cantina Frentana was among the very first wineries in the Abruzzo to produce and market the region’s wines to the world! The wine producing vineyards (including those certified organic) are located within the land boundaries of the village of Rocca San Giovanni, which lies south-east of the Apennine mountains in the very heart of the Abruzzo. The name Frentana dates back from the name of an ancient, fierce Italic people, the Frentani, who had been fighting for a long time against the power of Rome, until they were defeated in 319 B.C.

The winery praises itself for having one of the most efficiently operated wine growing co-operatives that began in the late fifties with a few small selected vineyards and wine growers; and in the last forty years has grown to almost 500 members! These growers are assisted throughout the entire grape growing season, right up to the harvest, by the highly-qualified Frentana staff (which includes an agronomist and enologist), whose approach is elementarily aimed at lower grape yields considered worthy of wines with the Frentana standard of quality.

Sea breezes, together with the deep calcareous soil, define a unique Italian "terroir" that has no fear of competition from the world's other great vineyards. And when combined with the skills of their grape growers, it is able to produce incredible wines. Even better still, Frentana began to aim towards a higher-excellence with the Quality 2011 Project: “Approximately one-hundred EU (European Union) certified-organic vineyards are now producing our best wines.” Organic wine is wine made from grapes grown in accordance with the principles of organic farming, which typically excludes the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Worth noting, too, is the ancient over-head trellis system, the tendone (which several scientific studies founded able to produce outstanding grapes) within an environment that experiences many hot summer days. This elevated fabrication (pictured) creates an expansive and shady leaf canopy purposely intended to keep the grapes cooler.

After harvest, this particular wine was fermented in stainless steel tanks, later fined (clarified) and aged in French oak barriques (small barrels) and bottles for 2 years after the 2011 harvest. Senior oenologist and winemaker, Giovanni Pasquale (pictured), decides when they are ready for to sell in the conviction that “No technology or additive can take the place of the time (and patience) required for quality.”

Winemaker’s tasting notes: “This wine has an intense ruby-red colour with purple reflections and a fragrant nose of violets and black cherries. The taste of prunes, plums, dark cherries and a dry peppery-spicy finish to act as a balance. Rich, harmonious and full-bodied to the palate, it goes well with roasts, steaks, lamb, charcuterie and cheeses and should be served room temperature.” – Giovanni Pasquale