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A Great Barolo From The Next Generation

Wonderfully Complex and Gorgeously Rich

93pts Under Forty Five, Great 2007 Vintage

I have been a huge fan of the Barolo’s made by Serradenari. The wines are some of the best values coming out of Piedmont, the wines are showy and approachable with spectacular black fruits and new French oak and huge scores. Today’s wine is made by the daughter Giulia Negri who decided to blaze her own trail and make her own wines and they are every bit as good as Serradenari and in the same rich style. She selected the finest part of Serradenari’s vineyard to make her wines and the results are awesome. The wine is from the great 2007 vintage, a 97 point Parker vintage, equaling the highest rating ever for a vintage. The 2007 Giulia Negro Barolo La Tartufaia got a huge 93pts by WE and at the price we can offer makes this wine an absolute bargain for such quality.

Barolos are red wines produced in the hilly, northern Italian region of Piedmont. They are made from the Nebbiolo grape, are often heralded as one of Italy's greatest wines, and are one of the “B” wines of Europe (which include Bordeaux, Burgundy, Brunello, and Barbaresco). Up until recent years, this wine producing region had always been a male-dominated trade.

Well, meet the twenty-something ‘Barolo girl’, Giulia Negri, who could have banked on the name Barolo and on the history of her family, which has been producing wine at Serradenari winery for the past 150 years. “But life shouldn't be a big yawn. I started my adventure a few years ago: I wanted to make wine my way.”

Some people are dazzled by multimillion-dollar cellars designed by famous architects, eg., Merus Winery, Napa Valley. However, she believes a cellar must have three essential qualities: cleanliness, simplicity, and passion. And with that simple criteria in mind, she built a modest cellar (where, at the beginning, was merely a gravel-floored garage) able to store a number of barriques (small barrels)of Barolo for at least thirty months. Once bottled, she then likes to keep them in the bottle for a long time – “Good ol' glass has its share of secrets too!”

Her winery is unpretentious, too, and if includi

ng herself, the team’s headcount is four. “We take care of the vineyard, make the wines and travel around the globe to sell it. But

we also have to face many adversaries: hail, frost, drought and, worse yet, the

And now, her diligent work has been acknowledged with respectable reviews and awards.High Priests of the wine world – those who know all but understand little. I produce Barolo because I believe it will be the work of art of the future – a mix of ancient polish and modern harmony.”


"Barolo Giulia Negri is the fruit of the warmest, sandiest terrain. It has unmistakable characteristics, perfectly balanced between mineral depth and an aroma of wild berries." –www.Giulianegri.com

"This new-comer Barolo shows beautiful intensity and an inky dark appearance. The aromas are soft and yielding with sweet tones of wild berry and exotic spice woven between leather, tobacco and licorice." – 93 pts. Monica Larner/Wine Enthusiast (09/01/2012).

“A delicious Barolo with a good storage potential. 2007 vintage has fresh acid and grape material concentration to ensure a neat development in at least eight years.” – Aperitif (01/24/2013).

“Fairly rustic nose, tobacco and old oak, preserved and partly dried mixed berries, touch of cherries and plums, prominent vegetal notes with some celery, touch of iodine and licorice. Full-bodied on the palate, spicy oak, dried fruit, more vegetal notes, nutty notes and chocolate, hint of coffee, fairly prominent, partly astringent and slightly rough tannins, noticeable alcohol, spicy notes, good persistence, malted traces, undergrowth and a hint of truffles in the background, overall fairly rustic and slightly brittle, astringent again on an otherwise good to very good finish.” – VinItaly (12/2012).