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2010 Great Vintage. The Finest Value in Red Burgundy

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The greatest values in Burgundy are the great Cru’s / the great Communes in the southern most part of the Burgundy, Beaujolais. Eric Asimov, wine writer for the New York Times comments and I quote, "I've had so many really good, complex, thought-provoking Beaujolais wines that I can't help thinking, these wines are great." The wine I offer today comes from the great 2010 vintage for Burgundy which many believe is one of the best ever. Parker’s WA comments how 2010’s are the best young wines they have ever tasted. The 2010 Chateau Moulin Fravre Cru Morgon has delicious drinkability, yet has structure and balance, layers of complex flavors with depth, purity and nuance. We should all be grateful that unlike so many other wines, these wines are still affordable. The wine is simply a cacophony of glorious fruit in the nose and the palate that is supple and inviting. This is made from old vines in Morgon. The wine received the Gold Medal at the famous Concours des Grands Vins de France in Macon, France! Chateau Moulin Favre, located atop of the Combiaty (a local domaine) hillside in the Morgon, has been in the same family for six generations where the passion for growing Gamay has been passed down from father to son, over and over. It is here, where the south eastern (full sun exposure) old-vine vineyards, combined with sustainable agricultural methods, the family creates extraordinary wines. Now the wine regularly sells for $19.99 a bottle and that’s a great price for such quality. This email I can offer it to you for $13.99 which is an insane price for such quality, while supplies last.

Chateau Moulin Favre Morgon Vielles Vignes (old vines) 2010 Beaujolais; Burgundy; France Regular $19.99 Now $13.99

SAVE 30% Gold Medal Winner at Concours des Grands Vins de France
Winemaker’s tasting notes:
Aromas of cherries and cooked fruits, a complex nose with spicy notes and a rich, well-structured palate. This is a wine which needs to age so that smooth tannins can develop. “Collectible Beaujolais: France's value red offers surprisingly high quality at the cru level.” – Roger Voss / Wine Enthusiast (08/30/2011)

So what is a Cru Beaujolais? Well, in spite of this growing interest and press, perhaps you’ve noticed that there isn’t much information out there for wine consumers about Cru Beaujolais – there’s certainly no obvious book to read – so here’s some basic information to share:
The Beaujolais, as you probably guess, is a region in France (eastern/central France, at the very southern end of Burgundy) where they make wine with the grape, Gamay. You may have heard of “Beaujolais Nouveau”, okay, but it’s not the same thing here. This is real wine, not that over-marketed, young stuff served on Thanksgiving Day. The Beaujolais, like many French regions, ranks its vineyard sites. Ordinary vineyards can produce simple “Beaujolais,” while vineyards in higher-ranked villages can label their wines “Beaujolais-Villages.” However, on the northern edge of those Beaujolais-Villages lies the ten communal Cru appellations, most of which are named after churches. These so-called "Crus" (family) of Beaujolais represent the pinnacle in quality and production, in contrast to the other wines of Beaujolais. These Cru wines tend to offer more than the basic Beaujolais: more complex flavors, more structure, and are often age-worthy. These best-of-all-vineyards in the Beaujolais also label their wines with their Cru name only (like as in this case, “Morgon”, rather than “Beaujolais”). The Morgon Crus are typically more powerful with dark fruit and earthy notes, and in certain vintages, they can age more than a dozen years!

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