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This wine drinks like a 2000 vintage Bordeaux at a fraction of the price and is an absolutely insane deal on an aged out red that is drinking to perfection. It is imperative that when you open this wine you give it a chance to open up, the longer the better. I re-visited the wine after one hour and it was spectacular. I tried it again that same evening about six hours later and it was breathtaking. The wine tasted like a great 2000 left bank Bordeaux from St Julien or St Estephe that costs hundreds of dollars a bottle and it can be had for under twenty a bottle. This wine is that good. The 2000 vintage is one of those growing seasons that spread its wealth far and wide. The same climactic conditions that gave Bordeaux it's "vintage of the century", moved from west to east over the Southern Rhone, Piedmont (the infamous 100pt vintage), Northern Italy and through Slovenia. In each wine region incredible quality resulted. We have found this same quality from family run winery in Abruzzo. The wine comes from Ettore Galasso who with Zaccagnini and the great Masciarelli introduced the great wines of Abruzzo to the world. This wine the 2000 Vittoriale is a special bottling of Montepulciano that has just been released by Galasso and has been aging in his cellars since 2000. I flipped my lid when I found out what we could offer this for. The wine is the perfect match of elegance and finesse balanced by concentration and depth that only time in the cellar of such quality can bring. The fruit is still youthful and dances on your palate. Superb aromatics and a glorious finish. The wine has been stored in ideal conditions with perfect provenance. This wine will run out. This is the best quality at the lowest price on a perfectly aged-out red from a great vintage that I can remember. Grab this wine with both hands.

Ettore Galasso Vittoriale 2000 Abruzzo; Italy Regular $29.99 Bttl $21.99 Case Bttl $19.99
SAVE 33%

This is definitely a wine to spend time with, to ponder and enjoy. Superb black tarry fruits that are still youthful balanced by oak, tobacco, charcoal, piercing clarity , great complexity. Must Breathe when opened. Still youthful but definitely going to that special place where great wines go to with time in the cellar. Incredible value twenty years. I am taking some of this wine home with me!

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