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Italy is a truly amazing region for wine. Being one of the oldest and most thought out of all the major wine regions in the world has made great Italian wines a cornerstone of most wine drinkers selections. has the advantage of being next to the largest port of call for importing Italian wines in the world, thus giving us the best selection to choose from. Here are a couple of our truly favorite selections and a link to our Italian section. Please sign up below to get exclusive insider offers!


Bottle Price:$13.99 SAVE 10 % on Case Bottle Price:$11.99

You Never Ever See Tanzer Giving A Wine 91pts At this Price Point
The Perfect Quality House Red- Great For Barbeques

This is a stunner! I have been doing business for many years with a certain Italian Wine Importer who provides us with some of the greatest Italian wines. Wines like Valdicava, Fontodi and Rinaldi's incredible Barolos but the wine that started it all some sixteen years ago is this incredible we have to offer you today. A customer had requested the wine and I tracked it down, tasted the wine as was blown away by the quality at the price. We have offered the wine ever since and now with the 2010 Brigaldara Valpolicella,has lavished the wine with huge praise, 91 pts Tanzer is tougher than Parker and for him to give this wine at $13.99, 91 points is something I have never seen before. Brigaldara is a house of great pedigree. Their Amarones are some of the finest, always gets Tre Bicchieri and monster scores by Parker. The Valpolicella is made with the same grapes but in a more ready drinking style, for drinking and not cellaring. A true sign of a great value red is weather it can run with the big dogs. I opened the 2010 Brigaldara Valpolicella and immediately fell in love with bouquet, luscious fresh red berry fruits that are pure and clean. The palate is juicy, medium waited, and superbly elegant. The wine shows a superb restraint that makes you keep coming back for more. The purity of the wine impresses, not manipulated or disguised, but bursting with red fruit with excellent clarity.

Now for the big dogs, after the Valpolicella we opened some high end Brunello's and Super Tuscans and what I love to do with a great value is I circle back to see if the wine stands up after wines that are much more expensive. Often the value wines taste like nothing, almost like colored water but not this wine. The Brigaldara's quality and precision shone right through. This is real red wine at a great price. Read Tanzer's description below. It's a knockout!

Tasting Notes: Bright ruby. Vibrant aromas of redcurrant, blackberry and candied violet on the knockout nose. Quite juicy on the palate, with floral red berry flavors given laser-like precision by lovely harmonious acidity. This very well balanced wine could probably use a bit more complexity but it's so clean and clear that you'll find it hard to put the glass down. It also puts most other Valpolicellas to shame, hence my high score. Very well done. 91pts




Bottle Price:$39.99 SAVE 10 % on Case Bottle Price:$35.99 Rating: 93 Pts Suckling 92 Pts Parker

Fontodi is one of the greatest houses we get to offer. We have offered a pre-sell on these ine dating back to 1997 and the reason we do is that always sell out. Arguably the greatest house in Tuscany. The finest Chianti Classico I have ever tasted, the insider Sorbo, the finest Syrah made in Europe outside the Northern Rhone and the Iconic Flaccianello, one of the finest wines in the world. 2009’s have not been rated yet but check out previous vintage scores. Also large format available. 2009 looks good in the Classico zone.Giovanni Manetti of Fontodi of 2009 in Chianti Classico: "It's a very good year for Sangiovese. The wines are clean and elegant with excellent acidity and perfumes. They have wonderful structure with ripe and fine tannins." The vintage is sure to produce many excellent wines. On paper the vintage looks excellent and Manetti was very happy with his quality. Parker preferred the vintage to 2008.

2008: 93 pts Suckling, “Beautiful plum, berry and milk chocolate aromas and flavors. Full body, with soft and velvety tannins and a long juicy finish. Really excellent. Fontodi is one of the stars the region. Made from organic grapes.

92 pts Parker

The 2009 Chianti Classico is a model of elegance and class. Firm yet well-integrated tannins provide the backdrop for expressive red cherries, licorice, tobacco and spices. The 2009 radiates across the palate with notable class. It has great fruit and plenty of structure. Anticipated maturity: 2014-2029.

I was in Panzano in mid-August 2009, just as a huge heat wave began to take hold of Northern Italy. Growers were tempted to pick early, but Sangiovese is a late-ripening variety that needs the extra hang time to develop its full range of aromas and flavors. Proprietor Giovanni Manetti waited until late September to start harvesting, and it paid off. His Sangiovese based wines in particular are fabulous in 2009.




Regular Price:$64.99 SAVE 29 % on Current Bottle Price:$49.99

Selling as high as $85 a bottle. 92pts Parker 92pts WE

Tuscany in 2006 does not better. The 2006 vintage for Brunello is one of the greatest we have seen. James Suckling the ex-European editor of the Wine Spectator has declared 2006 Brunello as the modern day equivalent of last century's vintage of the decade 1997. Suckling is considered by many to be the highest authority on Tuscany as he has lived there for over a decade and is in touch with the land, the winemakers and the wines. The finest Brunello rival the finest red wines of the world. Parker gave the vintage the highest he has ever given a Brunello vintage 97 pts. I have tasted many wines and they truly are special

Tasting Notes: If you have ever had a hug from Olga Peloso, the winemaker of this glorious Brunello, you will never forget it. For further information on this. Please contact Senior Wine Advisor Jim Winston. I sat down Saturday with our staff and we polished of the whole bottle. The wine is a wonderful blend of power and finesse. Its actually right in the middle of two of our favorite wine. It has the opulence and richness of Romitorio matched with the length, complexity and layering of Canalicchio This wine is easy to enjoy. The 2006 vinatge for Brunello is a classic, a new benchmark for the region and is being hailed as the modern day 1997, the finest Tuscan vintage from the last century. This is one of the key vintage releases of the year and no cellar would be complete without the great 2006 Brunello. Donna Olga is one of our favorites. It is a wine we have sold back to 1997 and we have a track record on and it is a Buy!! I had a bottle of 1999 at the end of last year and it was just coming into its own and with a breathe, superb! Parker: The 2006 Brunello di Montalcino is a very pretty, flashy Brunello. In this vintage I find more elegance, freshness and balance than has often been the case. Freshly cut flowers, smoke, menthol, cherries, plums, underbrush and tobacco are some of the notes that come to life on the vivid, textured finish. Anticipated maturity: 2014 2024.


Bottle Price:$59.99 SAVE 10 % on Case Bottle Price:$53.99 Rating: 92 Pts Parker

92 pts Parker, Selling in Europe for $95. I loved this wine. 2007 is the vintage for Barbaresco getting 96 pts as a vintage, outstanding and superior to 200. The best vintage with 2001 dating back to 1996.

Parker’s WA states that this is Abrigo’s most complete Barbaresco. Abrigo makes a more masculine style Barbaresco more reminiscent of a Barolo in make-up. once again Orlando Abrigo’s Barbareschi are terrific Abrigo’s 2007 Barbaresco Rocche is darker and richer than the Rongalio, but the greater intensity of the fruit is matched by a commensurate gain in tannic heft. With time in the glass the tannins begin to soften, allowing plums, black cherries, menthol and spices to emerge in a round, enveloping style. There is a wonderful sense of vibrancy that flows through to the long, impeccable finish. Anticipated maturity: 2014-2022.

Deep black almandine with black reflections and almandine rim. The bouquet is soft but intense showing lovely jammy, berry fruits. Ample on the palate again soft berry fruit, savory tannins flowing into a clean cedary laced finish. Its’ approachable now but will improve big time in the cellar. Barbaresco has long played second string to Barolo. Indeed, until the Barbaresco DOC was created in 1964, the wines were often included in bottlings of Barolo. The first Barbaresco was made in 1893 but, unfortunately, phylloxera, economics and two wars combined to delay the development of the region.

 In 1958 the Cantina Sociale dei Produttori del Barbaresco was established with the goal of re-invigorating the region, and by 1967 the best vineyards were being identified. Five separate crus, or vineyards, were identified as being superior sites for grape growing, among the earliest examples of this type of recognition in Italy. The most famous vigneron of the region is obviously the dynamic Angelo Gaja. By introducing the concept of cru Barbaresco and the use of barriques, he did much to establish the fame of the region. Giovanni Abrigo & his wife Virna Borgogno (see Virna di Lodovico Borgogno, Barolo) were introduced to us by one of the most knowledgeable Italian broker’s we know that has brought some of the finest wines to us we have ever offered from Italy . He suggested that we might find their wines 'interesting'. A minor understatement, you might say.. Giovanni works hand in hand wife his wife to produce high-quality wines at his family estate in Barbaresco and at Virna's family estate in Barolo.

Of course the focus is on Barbaresco DOCG, with two cru vinified. Vigna Montersino is a full-scale, impressive wine, fermented in temperature-controlled stainless, with malolactic& aging in new barrique. The vineyard provides plenty of structure and richness of fruit to take the oak and allow for long-term cellar potential in a wine that is remarkable supple. Vigna Rongallo Rocche Meruzzano provides more high-toned fruit, contributing to a more aromatic, perhaps more Classic style Barbaresco that benefits from aging in 2500 L oak botti rather than barrique.



Bottle Price:$79.99 SAVE 10 % on Case Bottle Price:$71.99 Rating: 97 Pts Suckling

It is rare that we get great back to back great vintages from a region but both 2006 and 2007 from Tuscany are spectacular. We have just received one of the finest from the region. The 2007 Siro Pacenti Brunello is Italian red wine at its finest. The 2007 vintage for Brunello is superb. I have now tasted most of the great 2007’s and they are wonderfully opulent and rich, showy young, bursting with intensity, great depth, with the added bonus of instant approachability. 2007 was slightly warmer than 2006, resulting in more fruit, riper and richer and absolutely delicious. James Suckling raved about the 2006s and 2007s he raved: "they are from two of the greatest years ever for the famous Tuscan red...Very much like the 2010 and 2009 or 1990 and 1989 vintages for Bordeaux, they are great "back-to-back" years." Parker’s WA on 2007, “incredibly delicious today, but also have the potential to improve in bottle....they are ripe, forward and flashy."

Now back to this great wine. Siro Pacenti’s Brunello is at the pinnacle of Brunello and Brunello’s are at the pinnacle of full bodied dry reds. Owner Giancarlo Pacenti is a true master of his domain. His fame has grown over the last decade especially since his 2001 and 2004 Brunello were awarded 97 pts from both Parker and Spectator. Pacenti ages his wine entirely in barrique, with the aim of making clean, rich and intense wines that are among the best from around the globe,

 not just within Italy. The comments from the pundits have also exceptional. Parker on Pacenti; " These are wines of the very highest level and I can't recommend them highly enough." Spectator on Pacenti; "Giancarlo Pacenti is the best winemaker in the appellation of Brunello di Montalcino. Everything is done in the best possible way and at the right time in his well-kept vineyards and the pristine small winery under his house. His Brunello's are usually a blend of different vineyards from both the south and north sides of the Montalcino hill, giving them great richness and structure as well as freshness. They are aged in French oak barrels yet show very little wood character, and their crystal clear style is one that ages extremely well." The 2007 is a stunner and James Suckling has already awarded the wine 97 points. Brunello does not get better and I am giving our best customers right of first refusal. One of the true greats from an exceptional vintage. Our price is strong! Wine is ready for shipment.

97 pts Suckling

"Aromas of blackberries and blueberries follow through to a full body and velvety tannins. This is so layered and deep. Fabulous texture - (Jan 2012)"

" Pacenti always makes pure, precise wines and he was truly in his element with the warm 2007 vintage. The wine has powerful aromatics, approachable tannins and rich structure. Blackberries, strawberries bittersweet chocolate and dried roses are among the myriad of flavors found in the glass." ~ Winery notes
The 2007 Brunello di Montalcino wraps across the palate with layers of sweet red cherries, flowers, licorice and spices. Soft and sensual, the 2007 impresses for its impeccable balance and long, suave finish. The 2007 kept improving over the time I followed it. This is a vintage built on silky elegance and expressive fleshiness in the fruit, but those elements need time to emerge fully. There is an inner resonance to the 2007 I find very appealing.


94+ pts Parker Outscored 2009 Flaccianello

Bottle Price:$79.99 SAVE 10 % on Case Bottle Price:$71.99 Rating: 94+ Pts Parker

The 2009 Chianti Classico Riserva Vigna del Sorbo is impressive. The overtness of the year is nicely balanced by the inherent freshness and acidity of Sangiovese. Hints of tobacco, cedar, licorice and spices are layered into the insistent finish. This is a terrific showing. I very much like the energy, length and focus of the fruit. I can’t wait to see how this develops over the coming years. The Vigna del Sorbo is a bit overlooked in the Fontodi stable, but it is often striking, especially after a few years in bottle. This historic vineyard is planted to 90% Sangiovese and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. The Sorbo has an element of freshness that the Flaccianello doesn’t have. I will not be surprised if over time it enjoys a more gradual and finessed evolution in bottle. Anticipated maturity: 2017-2027.

I was in Panzano in mid-August 2009, just as a huge heat wave began to take hold of Northern Italy. Growers were tempted to pick early, but Sangiovese is a late-ripening variety that needs the extra hang time to develop its full range of aromas and flavors. Proprietor Giovanni Manetti waited until late September to start harvesting, and it paid off. His Sangiovese based wines in particular are fabulous in 2009.

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