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We believe that you should not sacrifice personal service just because you are online!

Personally dealing with passionate wine savvy professionals greatly enhances your wine buying success.  You receive topline individual service and quickly obtain information/ advice/recommendations regarding your wine requirements.  Here are three ways to do so.

Simply give us a call at 800.434.9463. During normal business hours we will gladly answer all your questions over the phone or fill out the form below and we will contact you back within a few hours.

Click on the chat button during our normal business hours 10-6:30 Monday-Thursday and 10-4 Friday and Saturday. (button will not appear if we are not there to receive your message)

Either way you will get Grapeswine’s Unique Personalized Service for all your wine needs.

Our Top Wine Experts Can Consult with you on:

·         Wine purchases for everyday consumption

·         Wine as an investment

·         Purchasing futures

·         Arranging next day shipment in some cases, direct to your home, vacation destination, yacht or jet. (Domestically in the US)

·         Assisting in your party planning efforts including wine pairings, quantity of bottles needed based on number of guests, or anything else you might need to know

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