What is GRAPESWINE's unique Lay-a-Way "Build a Case" plan?

Only the most convenient way to order the best wine online.

Now you can bundle your wine selections AND save on shipping, all at the same time.

We know that sometimes you may only want to order 2 or 3 bottles at a time, especially when trying a new wine. With our lay-a-way option you now have the flexibility of budgeting your wine purchases over a 60-day period.

This allows you to purchase and reserve your wine selections, and get the maximum wine discounts, with us.

And once your customized 12-bottle case is ready we'll ship your reserved wines right to your door.

Here's How it Works

You select your highly rated wines by using the "Build-a-Case" option...

After you enter your quantity click the "Build-a-Case" button. This will add the wines to your shopping cart. Then simply click the "Checkout" button to secure your wine selections.

Once your order has been finalized we will immediately pull your wines and reserve and your selections here for you.

Over a maximum of 2 months, OR as soon as your "customized" case of wine reaches 12 bottles, we will ship your completed personalized wine case to your door.

That's it.

This way, you pay as you go over a two-month period. When adding to your existing build a case use promo code "addtocase" when checking out

And by bundling your wine order you will save with the lowest shipping costs available. For example:

Free shipping for any orders of 12+ bottles anywhere in CT.
50% off shipping for orders of 12+ bottles to the following states: AZ, CA, CO, NV, OR, and WA.
If you live in another state you will still benefit since shipping a case of wine is less expensive than orders of 3 or 6 bottles at a time.
By creating your own customized case as a member of our Exclusive Wine Club you will save on shipping costs with this program - even if you prefer to buy a few bottles of wine at a time.

You can discover more Grapes Wine Club benefits by clicking the link.

And if you have any questions about our unique "Build-a-Case" plan simply give us a call at 1.800.434.9463 or send us an email.

NOTE: If you don't complete your "Build-a-Case" program within the 2 month period, the wines specifically reserved for you will be shipped to you "as is" and appropriate handling, storage & shipping costs will apply.