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We believe that you should not sacrifice personal service just because you are online! Personally dealing with passionate wine savvy professionals greatly enhances your wine buying success.

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Invitation-Only Wine Tastings

Rated #1 for Wine Tasting in CT

Most of our spectacular wine events are held in our exclusive Bordeaux Room. GRAPES' wine tastings offer YOU an opportunity to taste and learn about the finest domestic and imported wines on the planet.

Every wine is individually introduced by knowledgeable, professional wine executives.

Events are informative, fascinating and fun-filled.

Personally meet wine personalities and renowned wine makers from around the world.

Attendance throughout the year ensures patrons a genuinely educated palate, heightened appreciation, and personal knowledge about the best wines, regions and vintages in the world.


Ask your wine advisor about our events specifically geared to serious wine lovers. These exclusive wine tastings are highly recommended for consumers with personal cellar collections.

Our tastings are - An unbeatable value! Stimulating company! An unforgettable experience!

An ideal venue to entertain VIP's, business clients, or enjoy with interested, like-minded friends.

We keep you informed about our exclusive, invitation-only wine tastings. And wherever you reside our wine advisors, our mailings, our web site and facebook page will keep you up to date and informed.

For an up-to-date list of future wine events, please click the link and visit our facebook page. By becoming a Fan you will automatically receive updates for ALL future wine tastings!

Seating is Limited
Reservations are Essential & Required


Tastings are held in the "Bordeaux Room" at Grapeswine.com

Seating is VERY Limited, RSVP is Required!

NOTE: “24 hour reservation cancellation policy Fee may apply.”   


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